Pastoralist Concern (PC) and its implementing partners, namely, Nurture and Education Development (NED), Tiret Community Empowerment for Change Association (TCECA); and Innopia (Mobile Clinics Technology providers) have launched a locally led program “Waayeel Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health Program” to enhance the uptake of RMNH services at 32 hard to reach pastoralist woredas of Somali Region

Objective of the Project

  • Increase RMNH service seeking behavior through community mobilization & engagement;
  • Improved community attitudes to RMNH needs of women & youth;
  • Empower women, girls and adolescents to achieve comprehensive sustainable changes & more responsive to RMNH/SRH through socio-economic empowerment;
  • Decrease barriers & bottlenecks related to provision of RMNH services;

Implementation Strategy

The project will establish appropriate confidential women, children and youth-friendly RMNH services and make these services more accessible, especially to pastoralist women, girls and adolescents who need them most. This will be done through combining innovative and pastoralist based strategies:

  1. Waayeel Model in RMNH Services; Waayeel or ‘ Homestead’ model is the lowest forms of structure in terms of leadership in the pastoralist communities Waayeel is a traditional Somalis ‘Homestead’ that consists of a closely knit family, friends or people who have come together for different reasons. The Waayeel typically is the eldest person and ultimate decision maker and takes responsibility for RMNH issues. The Waayeel model will mean to make the ‘Waayeel or ‘Homestead’ Head see health as part of his authority.
  2. Adoption of Innovative Solar-Powered Mobile Clinics for RMNH Service uptake: In order to minimize geographic and financial barriers to RMNH services especially in hard to reach areas


  • Mounted on Heavy Duty Truck;
  • 100% Own Electric Power Supply from Solar;
  • Thermally insulated walls & Air Conditioning;
  • Own Water Supply/ Stainless Steel Tanker;
  • Sewage and Waste Disposal System;
  • Laboratory Desk with Power & Water Outlets;
  • Patient Bed/ Stretcher/Delivery Couch;
  • Physician’s Desk;
  • Cabinets & Boxes for storage;
  • Refrigerator for Medicines & Supplies;

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