Core Group Polio Project (CGPP), GAVI CSO Support-II and Enhanced AFP Surveillance are health projects designed to assist and fill the gap of health related problems in pastoral communities particularly women and children in both Liban and Afdher Zones of ESRS. CGPP and GAVI project are funded by CCRDA/COREGroup.


The main objectives of the projectis to eradicate polio disease in reporting and case detection through community based surveillance on AFP/MEASLES and MNT diseases in Filtu, Dolo, Charati, Deka-Sufftu, Hargelle, Elkare and Hudet woreda of Liban and Afdher zones while enhanced AFP surveillance project is implemented in G/dhamole and Wets Emayworedas.It has been recalled that the 2013 year was a year that Polio cases had been identified and found in Horn of Africa Region particularly Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia where there is a long border among these countries since they are neighboring countries and share long borders. Besides, the movement of people is very high and this has made the Somali region of Ethiopia to be susceptible to the transmission of the Polio virus where Polio cases have been identified in Doolo zone of Ethiopian Somali regional state. Hence, the priority of the projects has been to foster or boost the immunity of the pastoralist communities and enhance the immunization coverage so as to reach inaccessible and hard to reach areas in both Liban and Afdher zones of ESRS.