This project is funded by PACT Ethiopia based on the bilateral funding agreement between the governments of the US and FDRE, respectively represented by USAID and MOFED. This project started in October 2011 and endedJune 2015 as it was Five Years program. The main objective aims at strengthening provision of equitable basic education services in terms of access, equity and quality through provision of alternative basic education to children, youth and functional literacy to Adults.


The implementation area of the project is mainly in pastoral communities in the hinterland of Liban zone of three Woredas namely Filtu, Hudet and Moyale. The direct beneficiaries compromise children, adult and women literacy. The children in ABCs are 4,442 students totally where 1,715 are female and 2,727 are male. While the total adult students are 781 of which 384 are female while 397 are male. Furthermore, the total number of students in Women Literacy Program is 385 and this makes the total direct beneficiaries 5,608 of which 3,124 are male while 2,484 are female.
Different activities were accomplished during the last one year with the aim of achieving the overall Strategic Objectives (SOs) that the program wants to attain at the end.