Our Work
Action Oriented Research: – PC is a national figure in advocating, policy influencing and acting as a mouthpiece for Ethiopian pastoralists to ensure that their voices are included in decision making process. The celebration of Ethiopian Pastoralist Day (EPD); formation of the parliamentary Standing Committee for pastoralist affairs, foundation of Pastoralist Forum Ethiopia, and organization of Pastoralist Counsel rank amongst the achievements of pastoral advocacy in which PC has played a key role. PC has also initiated, conducted and supported research on pastoralism & livelihood to inform the agendas of government & development agencies in Ethiopia.
Development Projects: – PC consider gender an integral and fundamental part of its development work. Somali society is extremely patriarchal, which translates into women facing many risks and vulnerabilities and experiencing crisis and hardships more acutely than men. Since 1999, PC has worked in the socio-economic empowerment of pastoralist women and promotion of income generation that has so far enabled more than 20,000 women to increase their household income and contributed to increasing -women’s representation in a leadership role in their community. Moreover, PC has implemented education activities that has helped 15,000 pastoralist & agro-pastoralist women to improve their functional literacy & numeracy skills. These actions are contributing to ensuring a brighter future for pastoralist women & girls.
Humanitarian: – humanitarian intervention has benefited thousands of pastoralist and have earned PC two ‘best performance’ awards from Prime Ministers of Ethiopia. Our strength is our deep root in pastoral communities. We do not work through translators but native language speakers. We can mobilize pastoralists around a given issue due to our past record and deep knowledge of cultures, values and tactics to influence leaders. We have a wealth of experience working with pastoralist women groups in health, livelihoods, water, education and harmful traditional practices. PC aims to bring on positive changes in the lives of poor and marginalized pastoralists through promoting sustainable development projects