Gender Climate Change Agriculture Support Programme (GCCASP)

Gender Climate Change Agriculture Support Programme (GCCASP) Project aims to To enhance capacity of Women and enable to adopt Climate Smart Agricultural (CSA) & Livestock management practices, create women financial institution and equip with value addition, leadership, entrepreneurship skills, by the end of the project.

The project aims to do this by increasing the productivity and incomes of small holder farmers and pastoralist engaged in the production of improved cook stoves (ICS) and alternative clean fuels.

This project supports the efforts of the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) by developing and piloting market based and sustainable business models to respond to the urgent need to increase access to improved energy supply as well as to establish a climate resilient green economy.

PC’s GCCASP project in Ethiopia developed comprehensive market-based business models for production, promotion and distribution of Fuel-Efficient Stoves (FES) and alternative fuels to address the missing/weak link between suppliers and customers and accelerate energy market particularly in rural areas based.

GCCASP stimulated demand for FES and alternative fuels through market demonstrations and roadshows with other key stakeholders in Gursum Woreda of Fafan, Somali Regional State.

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