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Pastoralist Concern

We aim to create improved, sustainable livelihoods for Ethiopia’s pastoral communities, and strengthen cooperation with pastoral communities in neighbouring countries, and have reached out to over 40,000 individuals in Ethiopia  so far.


Pastoralist Concern is a charitable organization

Pastoralist Concern (PC) is an Ethiopian non-governmental organization founded in 1995 by several individuals with pastoral backgrounds, dedicated to and passionate about pastoral development. PC is non-political, non-religious, non-racial, and non-profit organization devoted to make a positive lasting change in the life and livelihoods of the pastoral community of Ethiopia.

About Us

Action Oriented Research: – PC is a national figure in advocating, policy influencing and acting as a mouthpiece for Ethiopian pastoralists to ensure that their voices are included in decision making process. The celebration of Ethiopian Pastoralist Day (EPD); formation of the parliamentary Standing Committee for pastoralist affairs, foundation of Pastoralist Forum Ethiopia, and organization of Pastoralist Counsel rank amongst the achievements of pastoral advocacy in which PC has played a key role. PC has also initiated, conducted and supported research on pastoralism & livelihood to inform the agendas of government & development agencies in Ethiopia.

Development Projects: – PC consider gender an integral and fundamental part of its development work. Somali society is extremely patriarchal, which translates into women facing many risks and vulnerabilities and experiencing crisis and hardships more acutely than men. Since 1999, PC has worked in the socio-economic empowerment of pastoralist women and promotion of income generation that has so far enabled more than 20,000 women to increase their household income and contributed to increasing -women’s representation in a leadership role in their community. Moreover, PC has implemented education activities that has helped 15,000 pastoralist & agro-pastoralist women to improve their functional literacy & numeracy skills. These actions are contributing to ensuring a brighter future for pastoralist women & girls.

Humanitarian: – humanitarian intervention has benefited thousands of pastoralist and have earned PC two ‘best performance’ awards from Prime Ministers of Ethiopia. Our strength is our deep root in pastoral communities. We do not work through translators but native language speakers. We can mobilize pastoralists around a given issue due to our past record and deep knowledge of cultures, values and tactics to influence leaders. We have a wealth of experience working with pastoralist women groups in health, livelihoods, water, education and harmful traditional practices. PC aims to bring on positive changes in the lives of poor and marginalized pastoralists through promoting sustainable development projects

Health Projects

PC is implementing primary health care projects in Ethiopian Somali regional state conducting enhanced community based surveillance activities sexual reproductive maternal and neonatal health care that play a significant role in decreasing maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity to increase RMNH care uptake, prevent vaccine preventable diseases and also uplifts the community service utilization as well as access to basic services like child immunization. Other activities include social mobilization, awareness creation, promotion of child vaccination through religious groups, traditional leaders as well as using key community influential persons to play role model in changing behaviors and attitudes of the pastoralist people.

Women Empowerment Project

PC is committed to improving the lives of women in Ethiopia’s rural areas. Through our projects we have conducted multiple awareness raising campaigns seeking to end female genital mutilation (FGM), have established 25 women’s productive cooperatives, have delivered 259,857$ of micro-credit loans to support small business development, and have enabled 15,405 women to access basic literacy and numeracy education.

Basic Education Projects

For 20 years PC has supported the delivery of 5 basic education programs in a total of 16 Woredas in Ethiopia’s Somali region, the majority of which have been targeted at pastoral communities for whom access to education has traditionally proved challenging. To date we have enabled over 15,405 people to participate in basic literacy and numeracy classes, of which 10,702 have been women. This work has improved these individuals’ capabilities to participate in economic and community life.

Where We Work

Pastoralist Concern operates in hard to reach areas in the country where pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities reside by focusing on its support to the pastoralist communities in 34 woredas in Afdher, Liban, Siti, Nogob and Fafan zones Ethiopian Somali Regional State and Guji zone of Oromia National State and have 6 field offices in aforementioned operational areas.

Our Staff

Get to know our team
Pastoralist Concern has well experienced staff that contains in technical and administrative areas of experts. Currently, the organization has more than 69 staffs in both field and Head Quarters in which 19 staffs are administrative while 50 are technical staffs accordingly. Most staffs are pastoralists who have in dept knowledge about the pastoralist communities they service for past two decades. PC’s staff is experienced on pastoral development capacitated on their understanding on the causes of pastoral problems, situations in the hard to reach areas and consequences on the human and animal health of the pastoralist communities. Moreover, PC’s staffs have in depth knowledge of the pastoralist communities, their ideas and attitudes that would, to certain extent, in promoting pastoralist development innovations to the pastoralist communities in PC’s operational areas in Ethiopia. Such deep understanding of the staff could make ensure the effectiveness and efficient it’s interventions. The following are the core staff of Pastoralist Concern.

Our partners

Our Partners

PC works in partnership with pastoralist communities, federal ministries, regional government, local and international NGOs, and donor agencies. Some of PC’s major partners include Save the Children/USAID, Oxfam/Canada, Oxfam/Intermón, COOPI/EU, Islamic Relief, Core Group/GAVI Allianz, Canadian Rotary Club, FAO, Norwegian People’s Aids (NPA) and Cordaid, PACT/Qatar Foundation and British Council. PC is a member of Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa (PENHA), Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA)

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